Automatic Labelling Machine

Automatic Labelling Machine

Automatic Labelling Machine

The automatic labelling machine manufactured by Pratik Enterprises is used to apply self-adhesive sticker labels on bottles and containers.

This machine gives full wrap around & partial wrap around look to the container as per requirement.

The automatic labelling machines are highly flexible and can be quickly adapted to suit a number of different sized and shaped containers to be labelled.

Operation of the Equipment

Bottles or containers will be loaded onto the conveyor manually or with the help of turntable.

One by one each container will be passed through the separator and shall go toward the label dispensing unit.

While passing through the dispensing unit, labels will be applied automatically onto the containers and later on containers shall pass through the wrapping unit, where wrapping of labels on the containers shall take place.

This machine is highly appreciated among the customers due to strength & durability.

Email your requirement and know a wide range of automatic labelling machine to meet your labelling needs.

Salient Features of the Automatic Labelling Machine: –

  • Structure of S.S 304.
  • Conveying system to convey the product.
  • Imported A.C frequency variable drive for variable speed with constant torque.
  • Specially designed drive mechanism.
  • Dispensing Unit to dispense labels.
  • Wrap around mechanism to wrap the label on product.
  • Micro controller controlled (Fiber Optic based) Product Sensor to sense the product.
  • Micro controller controlled (Fiber Optic based) Label Gap sensor to sense the gap between two labels.
  • Reel mechanism (Size: – 305 mm) to hang the roll.
  • Label release mechanism.
  • Break assembly to avoid variation during releasing of roll.
  • Microprocessor base Electronic control system for total operation of the machine with programmable feather touch key board & L.C.D display (P.L.C.) with programming facility.
  • Speed of the Machine: 100 to 250 Bottles per Minute.
  • Unit Rate for sticker Labeling Machine is. Rs. 4,75,000.00
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